at MudMuckers South… 3000 acres of trails, woods and mud!
The only park you can ride day and night!
Call 386-566-1456 for more info.

Mudmuckers South Offers 3,000 Acres of Trail Riding at its Finest.

Come Explore Free Range Riding with Adventure Trails Mild to Wild.
Fun for Everyone in the Family!

♦ Free Camping ♦ Hot Showers ♦ Free Bike Wash ♦ Vendors

Expedite Your Gate Entry

Click & Download “Event Waiver”

Read it, Sign it, Bring it to Gate & Everyone Gets MudMucking Fun Faster!

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Gate Hours:

♦ Park Opens Friday 9am to Midnight
♦ Park Closed by 6pm Sunday

Gate Fees:

♦ Weekend Adult Pass $40
♦ 1 Day Pass Available ONLY on Sunday $15 (due to the confusion of the last event)

Children Under the Age of 12 Yrs. $10 w/Paid Adult
Children 5 & Under Free w/Paid Adult

Dogs Welcome But Must Be On Leash at All Times

For Vendor Info Call Billy at 386.566.1456

(Events Subject to Change w/o Notice)

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These Rules Are For The Saftey Of Our Environment

  • ALL Riders MUST wear protective head gear and NO DRINKING and DRIVING!
  • Obey ALL Posted Speed Limit & Directional Signs
  • All Trails or Roads NOT POSTED with Speed Limit Sign are to be Assumed 15 mph
  • Do Not Run ATV & UTV in the Ditches on the Side of the Roads
  • Do Not Spin Out or Cut Donuts – Figure 8’s in Staging Area, Fields & Roads. You Must Maintain a Safe Operating Speed at All Times.
  • There will be Absolutely NO Operating of Any Equipment at Any Time on Property if the Driver is Over the Legal Limit of Alcohol or Any Other Drugs.
  • There will be NO Throwing Trash of Any Kind into the Woods, on Trails, or Anywhere! You Must Keep the Trash on Your Equipment Until You Return to a Staging Area & Place Trash in Cans Provided. This Includes Cigarette Butts!
  • Absolutely No Cigarette Smoking in the Woods, it is OK to Smoke on Main Roads, Staging Areas, or Picnic Viewing Areas. This is to Protect from FOREST FIRES!
  • Open Fires are Allowed in Camping Area are Restricted to Small 2 x 2 Cooking Fires in a Barrel or Metal Ring. They Must be 25’ Minimum from the Woods and Brush. They Must be COMPLETELY OUT When You Leave or Turn in for the Night. They Must Have Dirt Ring Around the Outside of the Barrel Minimum of 1’ of Clear Dirt and Shall Never be Left Unattended.
  • IF THE DROUGHT INDEX RISES OVER 500 (this is found on Florida Website weather/KBDI/ THIS OPENS RIGHT TO PAGE) There will be No Fires of Any Kind Allowed in the Woods; However, Charcoal Grills are  Allowed in Camping Area Only & Smoking will Only be Allowed on Main Roads Marked in Red on Club Map.
  • All Camping Sites in Woods or Staging Area are 1st Come 1st Serve. All Sites Should be Cleaned of Trash (including Cigarette Butts) and All Fires Extinguished Fully with Water Prior to You Leaving.
  • All Trailers, Campers & Equipment Must be Removed NO LATER THAN 5pm Sunday Evening.
  • Use Only the Trails That Currently Exist. This Includes Mowed Trails, Fire Lanes, Grades, Skidder Trails, Old Roads, Pats That are a Least 3’ Wide. This is so to Protect the Land & Wildlife Habitat. There will Also be Large Mudding Areas Designated by Signs.